The Price of Happiness

The cost of serenity is priceless, right?

Above was a statement from my friend when he was shocked about my holiday plan. He was a travel organizer when we met couple yeras ago. I was interested with his offering at that time.

I told him that I want to go to beach and without companion. My explanation was so simple. I need “me time” without nobody around me. All I need are wave, sea, blue sky, sun, and serenity.

“Because I am tired working and get stuck by traffic jam everyday. I also always meet people and listen what they said which are boring. And now, I need a rest, no working, no one that talk to me,” I said.

“I got it. Yet, you have to spend a lot of money if only you who will buy the package. The cost of serenity is priceless, right?” he said then made me shocked as he was when he heard what I wanted.

Yet after that, I did not take any holiday. For years I worked without take my personal leave. I took only when came back to Bandung in order to feast.

I went to other cities because my job. But still, those were not a holiday. After I realized I really to take a break when my friends posted their journey on Instagram.

I saw  blue skies and sea and top of mountains. I saw my friends’ smile and laugh and no fatigue. I just want like them and I think it is ok for now if I go some where with companion.

Because I need holiday and need to be happy as below. That was photo of my a week trip on last July in Lombok. I took open trip, finally, and met new friends. Some of them came from Malaysia.

And I did not care about I want to be alone anymore on my holiday as long as I can get my vacation.



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