Are You a Moody Person?

There is one sentence that usually written in a job application letter. That is about how we can work either individual or with others.

For me, working with other people sometimes is very hard to do. Especially, when we are asked to be a leader and need to organize a wide variety of characters in order to accomplish a task.

Sometimes I have got orders to lead a team to work on a special project that had deadline just one week. Typically, the task done three or four days before the deadline.

In a very that tight time, I had to monitor any progress. Because if there are obstacles, I need to find a solution as soon as possible so the task could be finished. But, when I requested a report from each of my co-worker, no one gave any report.

After I analyzed, not because they did not want to obey me. Yet, because their mood was not good so they were lazy to work.

I think it is ok to me if they are lazy as long as they said to me. Sometimes, I have been lazy too and can understand about that kind of problem.

I have also always said that they must inform me if they need to do something which has no correlation with their job. Once again, I also sometimes had my own business to do and felt difficult to manage time.

But, some how it is strange for me knowing if men also can be a moody person. Because as I know only women who always feeling moody and I believe men can overcome the problem with their logic.

Or, people today have changed? Are they too much following their feeling?

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