Who can’t Save Money? Men or Women?

My mom told me that men stuff are more expensive than women’s. I dont know why, but when I looked back to all my belonging, I thougt what my mom said is true.

I always prefer and tempt to luxury things because the quality and I believe price tag never lies. Despite I know that those will be lost or broken or can not be used someday.

For example, I usually buy three socks that cost about Rp150.000 (US$15). That means price for a sock is US$5. Do I exactly have other option? Yes of course. There are a lot of sock seller on the street who offers only US$1 for a sock.

So why I choose price that more expensive? Because I have tried the US$1 socks and just for a week or a month, those are ripped. But that is not happened when I buy the US$15. The condition can be seen at least a year after the purchase.

If I buy the cheapest and that ripped every week after I buy, I think that will be more expensive. Because I need to spend US$52 for a year. And that example can be applied to other things.

We buy the cheapest but need to change often and finally realized that spend more money. Better we buy once but can be used for a long time and can use the money for others.

PS: I think I do not need to talk about women’s habit when they go shopping. They are expert in term of waste the money for everything, usefull or not. #nooffense

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